Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of OwnershipWhen it comes to the total cost of ownership, we can assume a company that prints an enormous amount of black-and-white copies probably already leases or owns a copier. But is the total cost of ownership of printing with a leased copier the best choice for your company? There are numerous considerations to determine if leasing is the most prudent choice for your company. CBS Imaging has been helping large and small clients, including State and Federal Governments, since 1988.

Total Cost of Ownership For Copiers

Copier needs vary significantly and will determine the best approach for owning or leasing a copier. Does your office pump out reams of black-and-white documents every day? When your current copier breaks down, who fixes it, and how quickly? Downtime can negatively impact a potential job if you can’t get documents printed on time. Nobody, but you, cares if your copier breaks.

Before you move forward with this significant financial decision, you need to know how many copies a day you might need. Factor in any repair costs. How fast a copier do you need? Quality print is a serious consideration. Black and white copies can cost 5¢ per copy with a standard copier. The cost may be as little as 1¢ per copy with a leased professional copier. Gather your numbers, factor in lease cost, and you’ll know the total cost of ownership.

Lease Or Buy Your Copier

One of the outstanding benefits of leasing a copier is having remote copy management. You’ll save an average of 20-30% on hard costs, but you won’t have the sizable up-front purchase cost. Technology allows remote access to your machine. It will know when your ink is low, or your software needs updating. Leaving the management to the leasing company can save you headaches and money.

In addition, when you need an upgraded copier, the leasing company can swap them out for you. That’s far cheaper than buying a newer model. Leasing allows small businesses to utilize excellent equipment without breaking the bank. Check the lease before you sign to ensure the remote copy management services will suit your needs.

Total Cost of Ownership Savings When Leasing A Copier

There are other places you’ll save money when you lease a copier. Copiers can be prone to breaking down, and maintenance can be costly. You’ll save money and reduce downtime with a newer unit and remote copy management. Technology notifies your lease company before your scheduled maintenance service. Professional technicians can spot problems before a printer stops working.

If you’re adding another copier, make sure the company offers integration services to your existing network for a seamless transition. The technology in today’s copiers can be overwhelming. Having a leasing service there when you need them can be incredibly valuable.

Leasing a copier saves significant money and time. Black and white copies can cost you 5¢ per copy, or 1¢, plus the lease cost. Having professionally trained technicians servicing your equipment will keep everything running smoothly. The ability to convert paper documents, blueprints, or x-rays into electronic form is part of today’s technology. Take the guesswork out of this high-ticket item. Call CBS Imaging for all your copier needs!