System Replacement Program

System Replacement Program

System Replacement Program

System Replacement Program

As an authorized Kyocera dealer since 1988, we wanted to take a minute and speak to you about our System Replacement Program (SRP). CBS Imaging has grown our reputation by building relationships with our loyal customers. When you begin a leasing contract with us, you are signing up for quality products and excellent service and signing up for a partnership we take seriously. In fact, several of our customers have been working with us for over 30 years. But what if you outgrow the equipment before the lease is over?

We know how important your business is to you because we know how important our business is to us. You put your heart and time into it, and we love helping customers like you reach their goals. As a way of thanking our customers for trusting us with their business, we’ve created a leasing option that can expand with your business.

System Replacement Program to Help Your Business Grow

CBS Imaging has an exclusive System Replacement Program (SRP) that allows our customers to upgrade their Kyocera Imaging System earlier than the date of the lease term. Once you reach 75% of the contract’s terms, we allow you to upgrade and waive the remaining obligation on your copier’s lease.

Why would we do this? It’s simple—we value your business and want to reciprocate our loyalty to you.

The SRP combines the lowest possible monthly lease investment with a shorter term.  All you must do is choose a plan that best suits your budget and business needs. Once you fulfill 75% of the lease obligation, you may upgrade your equipment lease with us. We cancel your current contract, and you owe nothing more when upgrading to a new leasing contract for your business’s copier.

Upgrade When You’ve Met 75% of Your Lease’s Terms!

The upgrade schedule is easy:

  • 63-Month Lease, Upgrade in 47 Months
  • 60-Month Lease, Upgrade in 45 Months
  • 48-Month Lease, Upgrade in 36 Months
  • 39-Month Lease, Upgrade in 29 Months
  • 36-Month Lease, Upgrade in 27 Months

It’s rewarding to assist and educate customers who are just starting a business and have a big vision to grow or nonprofits with a mission and vision to communicate to others.

We get to know our customers and have built our longevity by investing in their success. Several of our customers come back to us year after year because they know we value them as people, not as just another company.

What does your business need? It’s not uncommon for businesses to outgrow their copier machines before a lease is up.  When you are dealing with CBS Imaging… no worries!  We’ll keep you current with the machines you require.

Call CBS Imaging to see if we can help get you there. We know copiers, so let us help take your business to the next level. It’s about creating our services to serve you best. Please tell us about your your business’ needs. We’ll share our expertise with you so you’re not tackling this alone.