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Printing Budget Comparison

Print Budget Comparisons

Printing Budget Comparison

Print Budget ComparisonsPrint budget comparisons have numerous components and points to consider. Do you have a small home office with small to average printing needs? If so, when a job lands on your desk that requires 1,000 copies, think about outsourcing the printing. The quality of the print is a vital part of the equation. A black-and-white document doesn’t have the pop that color does, but the quality is still essential.

The types of printing options are immense. Equally so are the equipment options. A home printer is fine for basic work or school homework. Do you have a printing job you want to get the attention it deserves? Using a company such as CBS Imaging to help determine copier needs may be the difference between getting the job and not. Keep reading for some particulars that cover some of the basics of copiers.

Cost Of Paper For Printing

Types of paper for printing the endless styles of jobs are mind-boggling. Stock paper comes in numerous weights. A twenty-pound ream (500 sheets) of stock paper costs about five dollars. That comes out to roughly one cent per page. You can cut some costs by buying in bulk. But, if you buy cheaper paper to save money on the front end, the lower-quality print will be prominent.

Drum Units And Toner Cartridges

No conversation about print budget comparisons would be complete without a mention of drum units and toner cartridges. A toner cartridge contains the toner powder. A drum unit is electrically charged and fuses the toner powder onto the paper, which creates images and text. Some equipment has both of these components in one unit. You can factor in the cost difference and quality of the desired print with some effort, but professional copiers vary widely.

Replacing Toner Cartridges

The price of new toner cartridges can break an office budget. Buying generic or off-brand has led to many disastrous leaks. Look at the fine print on the toner cartridge box you buy. It will have a number that references the page yield or how many pages you can expect to print. Generally, these apply to a document with 1.5-2 line spacing in black and white. Buying refilled cartridges or refilling them yourself is not in your best interest.

Drum Unit Replacement

Drum unit replacement is unfamiliar to many consumers. Smaller copiers designed for a home or home office often have both of those components combined. A drum unit in a high-quality copier is an integral part of creating an outstanding print. A basic laser copier will need the drum replaced after roughly 12,000 copies. Drum qualities vary and are an essential factor to consider when selecting a copier for your business.

Professional Vs. Home Printing Jobs

Having a small, inexpensive copier at home can be handy. When a job calls for top-quality, professional-grade, eye-grabbing print, we can take care of that for you. Printing 1,000 copies at home will be far more expensive and time-consuming than using a professional copier that CBS Imaging recommends for your workspace.

A $100 printer can average 5.5 cents for a black-and-white print and 8.9 cents for a color print. Move up to a $1,000 copier, and costs drop to 3.9 cents for black and white and 8.1 cents for color. Inkjet printers can run 9 cents and 20 cents, respectively. These numbers are general references, and you can’t apply them across the board. The bottom line is don’t rely on your home printer/copier for commercial jobs. You’ll end up spending more in the long run.

Professional Printing Company Benefits

Consider using professional equipment if you begin acquiring numerous large jobs requiring intricate, high-grade printing. Buying or leasing a copier can save you money in the long run and impress clients, resulting in more work. Kyocera makes top-quality copiers in numerous styles.

When considering buying or leasing a print copier, research the company. CBS Imaging only sells the highest quality copiers and offers remote management systems. All their certified technicians are Kyocera factory trained. They’ve been locally operated and owned since 1988. Let the professionals take care of your printing and copying needs!