Printer Sizes, How to Choose

Picking The Right Size Printer

Printer Sizes, How to Choose

Picking The Right Size PrinterWhen picking the right size printer for your company or home, there are numerous considerations. Are you thinking about buying or leasing the equipment? Besides the cost, review the long list of options available to achieve your desired level of printing. Keeping your printing needs current and easily accessible is essential to any business that relies on print media. CBS Imaging can help you decipher information regarding printer options. Keep reading for helpful ideas on picking the right size printer for your needs.

Space For A New Printer

Before you purchase or lease a new printer, you must consider how much space it will take up. Whether for a home office or corporate headquarters, you need to think about space and accessibility. When the location is adequate, printing all your necessary materials will be more pleasant.

Remote copier management is a great way to keep your printing capabilities up to speed. The printer area needs to have enough room so someone can access paper trays and access doors. If there are more serious issues, a professional technician will have to have some room to work.

Ease Of Printer Use

Picking a printer that serves your needs can be tricky. The person in charge of purchasing or leasing the printer must think about its usability. It’s easy to get excited about all the available possible features without considering possible user frustration. Is the printer easy enough for you, or a technician, to teach someone how to use it? Will you be able to take advantage of all of its benefits?

Understanding how easy it is to load and unload media is essential. Before buying or leasing a printer, understand how many people will use it. Do you want to be able to print remotely? The endless features available on top-quality printers are only good if you know how to use them. Have a professional technician assist you, or your team, with the nuances of proper usage.

Printer Size And Image Quality

Business needs vary greatly when it comes to their printing needs. Some businesses go through reams (500 sheets per ream) of paper every day, primarily printing documents in black and white. Color printing can differ a lot more. An image at 1200 dpi resolution is fine for most art and photography. Some printers have a greater range in resolution. For example, printing anywhere from 360 dpi-2880 dpi might be a better choice for your company.

Size And Speed Of Printers

The printer’s size and speed required by a company will depend on the services the business offers. Whether the company would benefit from a 17, 24, or 44-inch printer depends on the client’s needs. The size and speed of a printer can be a game changer. However, stick to a less advanced printer if you’re not fully utilizing the extra bells and whistles.

It’s essential to carefully consider business projections in the printing department before buying or leasing a new printer. Having a professional help you evaluate the company’s needs is in your best interest. CBS Imaging has been helping clients since 1988. Their stellar reputation speaks for itself. Give them a call now for assistance.