Kyocera Vs. HP Copiers

Kyocera Vs. HP Copiers

Kyocera Vs. HP Copiers

Kyocera Vs. HP CopiersAre you in charge of choosing between Kyocera vs. HP copiers for your office? There is an ocean of mind-boggling information available on the internet. How do you decipher the differences and which copier best suits your company? You can spend countless hours sifting through many articles listing each model’s pros and cons. Or you can call CBS Imaging. They’ve been in business for decades, can answer your questions, and help you pick the best system for your company.

Is Kyocera Better Than HP

Both Kyocera and HP have been making top-quality copiers for decades. Both are reputable companies. When you compare Kyocera ECOSYS models to HP models, you’ll find the HP model more affordable than the Kyocera ECOSYS. Keep in mind that these are the upfront costs. Over time Kyocera ECOSYS copiers more than make up the difference due to the significantly lower price of toner refills.

Security With Kyocera Vs. HP Copiers

When you research, you’ll find HP is Kyocera’s biggest competitor. They both offer an extensive range of products known for incredible printing speeds and reliability. And they both provide a comprehensive range of products to suit the vast differences between different companies’ needs. In today’s day and age, security is critical for any business. Kyocera’s security features are industry top-of-the-line, advanced, and designed to secure confidential information.

Money Vs. Features For Copiers

When choosing Kyocera vs. HP copiers for your company’s needs, you need to consider money vs. features. Kyocera may be a bit more difficult to set up, but they offer better features for the money spent. Copiers have so many buttons it can be overwhelming for less tech-savvy employees. We can assist you and your team with the initial setup, streamlining the startup of your new copier.

Determining Your Company’s Copier Needs

Copiers come with a plethora of options these days. You may feel like a kid in a candy shop when you see all the bells and whistles. It can be challenging to decide. Is it time to add several new copiers? Be sure to check to see if upgrading the breaker box is necessary. After looking at the bottom line, you may decide leasing vs. owning is in the company’s best interest. At CBS Imaging, both come with benefits, including maintenance agreements that keep your machinery working smoothly.

Pros/Cons Of Kyocera And HP

Kyocera designs its copiers to save you time and money. Favorites in offices are toner savings and high-speed scanning, amongst other features. HP has been in business longer, but that doesn’t always equate to better. Kyocera won the Buyers Lab Reliability Award in 2018 due to its ECOSYS A3 MFP color line. A significant number of professional reviewers gave it full marks for reliability. The multitasking ability, high-performance rates, and fast speeds without sacrificing clarity came out on top. Kyocera has excellent graphics capabilities and photo editing.

When you’re looking at Kyocera vs. HP Copiers, one significant advantage that Kyocera offers is its ceramic drum. It can handle 250-gram paper and is separate from the toner. Many competitor units come as one piece with the toner, developer, and drum in one unit. Replacing parts unnecessarily harms the environment and the company’s bottom line. Kyocera has lower running costs than other copier companies.

Choosing a new copier or copier system is daunting. The information on the internet is unlimited and can be confusing. Call CBS Imaging for a professional evaluation of your company’s needs. You can move forward confidently with an expensive copier for lease or purchase.