Kyocera Vs. Canon Copiers

Kyocera Vs. Canon Copiers

Kyocera Vs. Canon Copiers

Kyocera Vs. Canon CopiersYou may be having a hard time choosing between Kyocera vs. Canon Copiers. So, how do you choose the best copier when both brands have many options and styles? Kyocera and Canon copiers both have numerous successful decades in the copier marketplace. Your company must establish your copying requirements before determining the type of machine best suited for your needs. CBS Imaging can help you sift through the information and make an informed decision.

Kyocera and Canon Brand Comparison

No one can argue that Kyocera vs. Canon copiers are brands that have consistently manufactured excellent machines. You may be more familiar with the Canon name, but Kyocera needs to be on your radar. Kyocera is renowned for making yearly improvements to ensure clients are getting the best copiers on the market. Kyocera doesn’t rest on its laurels but consistently strives for a better, more efficient machine.

ROI On Copiers

You likely have a long list of questions about the numerous features you need to consider about copiers. Replacing parts on copies can be expensive. Kyocera’s ceramic patented drum’s hardness is only second to diamonds. They developed their drum to allow copiers to withstand high workloads. Selected Kyocera copier drums are guaranteed to last up to 500,000 copies, or three years. The average for many competitors is 100,00 copies.

Kyocera’s drum can handle 250-gram sheets of paper without adverse issues. In addition, it’s separate from the toner. So you won’t need to replace working parts. Many copier disposable cartridges contain the toner, drum, and developer in one unit. Replacing unnecessary parts harms the company’s bottom line and the environment. Kyocera’s ECOSYSTEM copiers have lower running costs and create less waste than other market contenders.

Different Copier For Different Uses

Companies’ printing needs are as diverse as the types of companies. Everyone’s list has reliability at the top. Downtime costs money, creates headaches, and potentially costs you a new client. A graphics company needs different image quality than a law office that prints documents. You need to make sure your staff finds the ease of use manageable. Your administration personnel can create a printing budget comparison to help determine your company’s needs. CBS Imaging will also assist with this calculation based on your company’s printing needs.

Kyocera Vs. Canon Copiers – Ownership Costs

You’ll need to consider numerous specifics factored into TCO(Total cost of ownership). The equation includes direct costs, cost per page, indirect maintenance costs, replacing consumables, and energy usage. According to statistics, Kyocera’s ECOSYS devices have the lowest bottom line in their class. Cartridge-free printing decreases the TCO for most companies.

You may feel like a kid in a candy shop when looking at all the available types and styles of copiers. When you choose a copier, remember what features you need vs. want. Kyocera and Canon both get outstanding marks in all aspects. However, Kyocera’s ceramic drum puts it over the top.

Other Copier Options

You need to consider the ease of use of a copier before you buy or lease a copier. No one wants to give daily tutorials because a machine is difficult to operate. Security considerations are a real issue these days too. There are roughly 4,000 daily security breaches just in the United States. Keeping your data safe is critical, regardless of the type of business. Kyocera gets outstanding marks in all categories. Imagine only having one misfeed while copying 225,000 copies.

Are you in charge of choosing the new copier for your company? That’s a big task that will come with a hefty price tag. Consult CBS Imaging so you make the best decision based on your company’s printing needs. We can go over every single aspect of different copiers. Knowing you’re in good hands, you can get what your company needs and take a deep breath.