Kyocera and CBS – Best in Class

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Kyocera and CBS – Best in Class

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Business has enough risks; you don’t want to take any added risks when you choose a printer/copier. For your copier/printer needs you want consistent quality, reliability, durability, and all that at an affordable price.

Kyocera has all that.

Kyocera “Best in Class”

Before founding CBS Imaging, I had 10 years’ experience with both Canon and Konica copiers. On January 1, 1988 when I founded CBS, I chose to represent MITA Copiers as they were widely known as the most reliable machines in the industry and lasted “forever.” MITA was the “Maytag” if the copier industry.

Kyocera has 60 years of ceramic manufacturing experience and is a premier manufacturer of advanced ceramics for medical, semiconductor, telecommunications, and the document management industries. Advanced ceramics are highly engineered and can have electrical properties and superior mechanical properties.

Kyocera acquired MITA about 20 years ago. In doing so, Kyocera improved the MITA brand by introducing ceramic drums and their patented ceramic containing toner design.

Ceramic Drums and Toner

The drum is the “heart” of the copier/printer. Most, if not all, copiers coat their drums with a photosensitive lining. This wears off as the yield of the drum decreases and, therefore, the copy quality decreases as well, i.e. copy quality is inconsistent.

Only Kyocera adds ceramic particles to their drums and toner so that the toner cleans the copier drum during copying and a drum that self-cleans means that the Kyocera drums do not need to be serviced or replaced as often as other drums.

A Kyocera toner refill is only toner, so you aren’t throwing out and replacing what isn’t used up just because you ran out of toner. Ergo, you only pay for what you need. Other manufacturers use “toner cartridges” that replace the drum, developer, and toner with each cartridge refill.

Kyocera’s CERAMIC drums with the patented toner design and uniform toner particles provide you with accurate and vibrant Color fidelity. In addition with Kyocera’s Single Polygon laser design you will receive consistent image quality.

Furthermore, our new Aircraft-type chassis construction prevents vibration and thus maintains image registration, which need adjusting often on our competitors’ products

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Choosing Kyocera is the smart choice if you are looking for an economical, reliable, and environmentally friendly and easy to use Multi-Function Device (MFD) because:

  • Our CERAMIC self-cleaning drums last longer
  • Our uniform toner design not only provides you vibrant COLOR images but only replace what you need when you need it
  • OR patented CERAMIC drum that is second only to diamond in hardness and can take high workloads and last 600,000 images.

CBS is the only exclusive Authorized and the oldest independent Kyocera Dealer in the Washington, DC/Baltimore Metropolitan areas. All our technicians are factory trained and certified.

CBS + Kyocera = Cost Savings

CBS offers and services only Kyocera products and, therefore, our service call percentage is much lower than our competitors who also service other brands, which are less reliable.

Furthermore, for optimum performance and customer satisfaction, CBS technicians use only GENUINE factory parts and supplies. We do not cut corners by using generic or 3rd parts or supplies

And when your business grows, Kyocera has custom solutions-a wide range of solutions, print functions, and document management options.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us through email or give us a call!

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