Introduction To Multifunctional Copiers

Introduction To Multifunctional Copiers

Introduction To Multifunctional Copiers

Introduction To Multifunctional CopiersYou’ll save time by checking out this introduction to multifunctional copiers and the functions they offer. Gone are the days of a stand-alone printer or a fax machine. Xerox introduced photocopiers to the market in 1959. That newfangled, fancy machine changed the landscape of business productivity forever. Since then, MFP technology has developed fantastic features to take your business to the next level. Keep reading for a glimpse into some of the available features.

Whether leasing or buying a multifunctional copier, you must decide which functions are critical for streamlining your business. You may feel like a kid in a candy shop evaluating all the options. When you choose from all the bells and whistles, consider your company’s immediate needs and anticipated upgrades. Enlist the help of a licensed copier company to guide you through the maze of choices. A qualified person can help you decide on this big-ticket item.

Work From Home – Printing At The Office

Technology has progressed immensely, and the work environment has changed dramatically since Covid made its mark. More people work from home, making staying connected to the office critical. Many multifunctional copiers can send documents to your physical office from your home computer via wireless printing. This allows the employee to contribute hard copies of proposals to a meeting they are only attending via Zoom. Sending associates documents ensures everyone is up to date before an appointment with a prospective client.

Why Update Current Office Equipment

Fax machines, scanners, copiers, and printers performed individually in the past. MFPs function faster and easier after a tutorial on the functions, keeping the company running more efficiently through better connectivity. Numerous functions streamline office tasks freeing up time for more crucial obligations. Remote copier management is vital with the ever-increasing WFH business model.

Gone are the days of calling a courier service to transport important documents to another company for review or signatures. A multifunctional copier can easily send documents to parties that require approval or electronic signatures. The efficiency saves time, money, and headaches. You don’t need to worry about your courier getting stuck in late afternoon traffic with deal-breaking paperwork. You can scan or print documents to cloud-based secure archives.

Other Multifunctional Copier Benefits

Any office equipment that reduces clutter and increases productivity is worth consideration. We are in a digital age which equates to a digital workplace. There is less paper and more cloud-based data. However, there is still plenty of paper printed for projects and proposals. MFPs help reduce paper waste by sending copies of critical documents to necessary parties for review before printing.

Presentations can be scanned, copied, and faxed. MFPs can punch holes in papers that go into a binder or be collated, stapled, or folded. You can print multiple-up, two-sided, or create booklets from your network. Depending on the unit you choose, software may be available to assist in tracking printing costs.

Deciding on the best multifunctional copier for your company is a big decision. An MFP can replace numerous pieces of equipment, freeing up office space and increasing overall productivity. Call CBS Imaging for a professional assessment of your company’s needs now, and rest easy knowing you’re in good hands!