Highest Level Copier Security

Highest Level Copier Security

Highest Level Copier Security

Highest Level Copier SecurityThe IT personnel of every business should provide the highest level of copier security. Cyber hackers can seriously compromise your business. Hackers can steal data and destroy your network, including all wifi connections. Your IT staff needs to ensure your entire system has the highest level of copier security. An Intelligence Security Validation Certification will protect your company from avoidable security breaches.

What’s An Intelligence Security Validation Certification?

There are numerous types of security validation certifications. Most importantly, you need your data secure so hackers can’t breach valuable information. An IT person must go through rigorous coursework and testing before they are issued an Intelligence Security Validation Certification. Before you buy or lease a copier for your company, determine its security level. Not all copiers, or companies that sell or lease copiers, are created equal.

Who Configures The New Copier?

Companies that sell or lease copiers should have the IT capabilities to secure your servers, computers, and data stored on the digital copiers. Information security is more important than ever. Copiers may include several network connections and multiple wifi devices in your network. The IT staff must secure any personal or work-owned computer that personnel uses on the job. Remote copier management companies offer services to clients that sell or lease copiers.

Deleting Data From Computers

There are several ways to delete data from a computer. However, employees or hackers can still retrieve some information later. Some copiers have an overwrite feature after each job is complete. You can also clean out the memory regularly. Most copiers allow you to save documents without being overwritten. High-security data should be scrubbed after each use when practical. In this case, the user must know that an unauthorized person could retrieve the document.

How To Choose A Copier

The days of copiers only making copies are long gone. Copiers are computers that can be accessed remotely, which is excellent, but also requires the highest level of security. Copiers print, scan, fax, copy, and email documents and contain hard drives for job management, production speed, and incoming jobs. Different models offer a vast range of options. Do you need a copier for a small company you have at home or to help with the kids’ homework? Your security needs will likely differ vastly from those of a large company.

Copiers With Security Signature Features

Kyocera has been in the copier business for decades and has earned an outstanding reputation for top-quality products. Security is Kyocera’s signature feature. They understand the level of importance of having an iron-clad security system. In 2022, Kyocera received the distinguished Keypoint Intelligence Security Validation Testing certification. Kyocera’s Evolution Series uses K-level security, surpassing industry standards for white hat hacking and automated cyberattacks.

Your IT staff needs to evaluate the security options for the device before you lease or buy a copier. A professional, licensed copier company can help you make sense of the plethora of information. CBS Imaging can help you make the best copier choice for the operation of your company and your security needs. With their help, you can rest easy that you’ve made the best buying or leasing decision for your company.