Does Paper Quality Matter?

Does Paper Quality Matter

Does Paper Quality Matter?

Does Paper Quality MatterAre you in charge of choosing the right paper quality for your company? Walking down the paper aisle in an office supply store can be daunting. Choosing paper from an online catalog isn’t any easier. The correct quality paper type is vital to keeping your copier running smoothly and efficiently. Service calls are time-consuming, annoying, and can be expensive. The right choice of paper will keep your copier running smoothly and jam-free.

Is More Expensive Paper Better?

Many companies buy the cheapest copier paper on the market. They think that’s fine because they print text documents without the fluff. However, all paper is not created equal. IT and CIOs choose a copier based on cost-per-page efficiency and hardware specs. Paper quality factors into the total cost of ownership, and the quality can affect that equation immensely. Poor-quality paper releases more microscopic dust that clogs the copier’s intricate machinery. Better quality paper is worth the cost in the long run.

Using The Proper Paper

Laser and inkjet copiers use different kinds of paper. Paper for a laser printer is smooth and rigid to manage the heat temperatures necessary to bind paper and toner. Inkjet paper is more porous and softer than laser copier paper. Paper mills coat inkjet paper with compounds that improve image clarity and ink absorption. If you use inkjet paper in a laser copier, you’ll likely end up with uncleared, smeared images. The residual ink left behind will compromise the life of the copier too.

Paper Quality Standards

You measure paper weight in grams per square meter or gsm. The thicker the paper, the higher the gsm. Standard copier paper rating is between 60-120 gsm. Card stock weighs in at 160 gsm or higher. Sixty gsm paper will feel insubstantial. A 100-120 gsm paper stock is better quality and more ample. Sending out a proposal on low-grade paper doesn’t show well for a company.

Respectable paper mills adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. It is a highly engineered procedure that has a 5,000-year-old history. You can’t take shortcuts and produce quality paper. Interestingly enough, different countries and regions use wood from native trees. Manufacturers use Southern Pine in Kentucky. Eucalyptus wood is the wood of choice in Spain, and Washington state and Oregon use Douglas Fir. You can only see the difference under a microscope.

How To Choose Copier Paper

Choosing the best copier paper for your company is an important decision. A variety of papers are suited for different jobs. Print it out on standard paper if you’re printing photos and working with a rough draft. When your job is ready, print on the highest quality paper for an excellent, visually pleasing finished product.

You’ll need to consider these specifications when choosing copier paper:


You’ll also need to choose laser paper, inkjet paper, photo paper, or card stock.

All paper isn’t created equal, nor are copiers. When choosing paper for your business, you want to be sure you’re making a wise investment. The paper quality you print information on for clients and potential clients says a lot about your business practices. The cheap paper reflects poorly on your business. Although we don’t sell copy paper… CBS Imaging can assist you in choosing the right paper for all your copying needs.