Copy Speed – Is Faster Better?

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Copy Speed – Is Faster Better?

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Better, Faster Document Processing

In my 40 + years in the copier/printer industry, I have come across many people who are obsessed with copier speed. They associate speed with productivity: The higher the speed, the faster the work is completed.

In my opinion, this is a myth and is not always true. Here’s an example:

40 page/min copier vs. 50 page/min copier

Printing From Your Desk

  • If the majority (90%+) of your work is sending print jobs from your computer, which is almost always the case, the 10 page per minute speed would be irrelevant, because by the time you get up from your chair to retrieve your work, it is already there. So why pay for a faster speed if it is not going to benefit you?
  • Therefore, in this case I would not recommend a 50 page per minute copier as it does not benefit the customer, but lines the pocket of the sales person.
  • As a rule of thumb, a 10 page per minute faster copier is about 20% – 25% higher. Of course this depends on the various models of the various brands

Printing and Working at the Copier

  • If, however, the majority of your work is done at the copier itself, which is rare these days, then the 10 page per minute does come into play and may be of benefit.

Maintenance & Service

Does the cost of the maintenance and service contract increase with the faster speeds?

Not with CBS/Kyocera. We charge a cost-per-page for prints/copies regardless of the speed of the copier or printer


Are the Toners interchangeable? No. In the Kyocera line, the faster the speed of the copier, the larger the toner capacity required.

Example: The Black Toner of a 40 ppm copier yields 40,000 impressions, while the Black Toner of a 73 ppm copier yields 85,000 impressions, more than twice the capacity

Therefore, since the 73 ppm copier is designed for high production, the Toner yield is also high so that the end user has less interruptions to replenish the Toner


Are the accessories interchangeable?

Yes, in the Kyocera line with the same series not only are the accessories interchangeable, but all the control screens are similar and the print/copy/scan and all the other functions are similar as well. Therefore, no cross-training in required if the customer requires to upgrade or add more copiers to their lease.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us through email or give us a call!

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